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Authentic Thai Massage NYC offers private massage sessions, group workshops & individual training.

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"Learning and receiver Thai massage was a very eye opening experience as well as beneficial to my body mechanics. After the first few sessions I noticed a significant improvement in my range of motion as well as better sleep after each treatment. This modality is great for anyone looking for deep and relaxing work."


Sara Munoz -Student at the PCOM , 2016

"I highly recommend her 90-minute massage. I not only got a massage from sassy, but I also took her workshops, 1 & 2. I had been considering her massage workshop, but after getting a Thai massage from her, I knew she was going to be a good teacher. I am already a LMT and I was looking to expand my practice. Sassy is a very patient teacher. She took the time to go over technique in a way that was easy to understand. The “flows” that we practiced were very thorough and relaxing. Sassy has worked as a massage therapist already and applies that knowledge and experience into a great learning experience. I have already been able to use some of the things I learned on my clients on the table. I cannot wait to start using a mat and doing a full Thai massage."

Phant 1986, Montauk, NY: Trip Advisor, 2018

“Authentic Thai Massage NYC has advanced techniques- including ‘Vibrational hammer therapy’, unique in the USA, which I highly recommend”

D Birnbaum, NY - Tripadvisor, 2018

"I have been coming to Sassy for many years for her mat Thai massages. Used to do 60 minutes, now 90. Wish I could get longer! She is so nice to work with. But more important she is a fantastic and intuitive masseuse who really works your muscles and limbs. I walk out of there feeling fantastic and peaceful. The feeling lasts a day or two. I am always sad when the time for my massage is over. Location is midtown convenient and close to train. And her prices are reasonable. I have had bad massages for more money. She does regular massage too but once you have a good Thai massage there is no turning back. I try to go monthly."

Helen J, Brooklyn, NY :Tripadvisor, 2018

"I took Sassys Thai massage training and I learned So much! I am now confident and doing professional Thai body's work and making great money! The class really covered everything in a simple, easy to understand way, she also has the most amazing hands and gives the best massage I have ever had. I highly recommend coming here whether it is to learn or to get a massage you will not be disappointed !!!! Thank you for everything Sassy!!! Love Lexi"

Lexi, Long Island, NY :Tripadvisor, 2018 

"Authentic Thai massage! I haven't been able to find a place in NY that is similar to what I have experienced in Thailand. 
This place used to be called Dunsee and the owner decided to focus on teaching Thai massage instead of only doing massages. 
They do fewer massages now but they are just as good. I thought they closed because I couldn't find Dunsee anywhere... I'm so happy to have found them again. I suffer from tension migraines and the Thai massage on the mat helps. This time after hearing about my issues She recommended a table massage. It was incredible. It still involves movement which is what I love about Thai massage. I left feeling a bit better. 
The space is clean but not very luxurious -- but that's not why you are going here. You are going here to get an incredible massage and leave. 
The prices are very good. Great way to decompress."

Sem C, Manhattan, NY : YELP, 2018

"Sasighan is the real deal.  She uses all aspects of the Thai Massage tradition to heal your body."

Dr. Shiu - client 

"I'm glad to have learned the technique of Thai massage from Sassy. As an instructor, she was detail-oriented and patient with her students. Coming from Southeast Asia, I have always enjoyed receiving Thai massage, and I am glad to now have the confidence to also be a giver."

Sharon Lam -Student at the PCOM , 2016




Sasighan Prasertsri (‘Sassy’ or ‘Ay’ to her friends) was born in Bangkok, Thailand where she first learned and studied the authentic Thai massage traditions at the Wat Po Traditional Medical School (Bangkok, Thailand) in 1999, the Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai (TMC-Chiangmai, Thailand), the Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society (Chiangmai,Thailand) in 2013 and Phenkhae Thai Traditional Medical School (Pathumthani,Thailand) in early 2017. Her prominent Thai Massage teachers include Dorkkaew Chumchoei, Wilai Riangpha and Phenkhae Wongsiri.